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  • Why wear knee sleeves?
    • Action Shots
    • Urban Lifters
    • 23 August 2017

    Why wear knee sleeves?

    Knee Sleeves protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage. This is especially important when you place the knees under continued pressure. They are commonly used in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting or Strength Training. Providing valuable compression, Knee Sleeves increase blood flow and reduce pain. This is important not only during your training, but after to aid recovery.


    Treated myself to some new straps and sleeves, at my age knees need all the help they can get lol. Can highly recommend Urban Lifters wrist straps pair £8.99 and pair of sleeves £25.

    • Allyson J. Caistor
    • WeightLifter

    excellent product, i have PFPS in my right knee but enjoy doing power lifting in the gym, i was having pain in my knee when squatting so purchased these straps and now when im squatting im not getting no where near as much pain and its helping me squat heavier and deeper.

    • Sean Wilkinson
    • WeightLifter